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Fun Resources for Home

Our faculty and central office staff have put together some resources for you to use with your child during the COVID-19 shutdown.  
Clever Access:  username:  password: lunch number
TWITTER:  We miss our kiddos!  Take pictures of your child working on activities at home and post to Twitter.  Tag us @MES_Mustangs




English Language Arts/Reading



Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing


Lunch Doodles
Daily lunch 'doodles' with Mo Willems - author of the Pigeon books! 
A great website - prek-5th grade for all the things!  Reading, Math, Art and more! 


Fluency and Movement

A fun resource for practicing reading and math while getting movement in at the same time!  Free for 21 days.


Handwriting Practice

This resource allows parents to type in words (such as sight words), and allows students to practice their handwriting with the correct format.



A unique resource in support of literacy and critical thinking


iReady Reading 

accessed via Clever


Mrs. Ann Jackson's Website

Several creative activities






RCS Math program.  Students online assignments are based on individual needs.  Accessed through Clever.


Math is Visual Math Flips
Watch the video and print a copy of the cards and use them with your children.  


Math Before Bed
Math discussion visuals and prompts that kids and parents will enjoy. 


Esti Mysteries
Use the prompts and pics from the much fun to solve the mystery at the end! 


YouCubed: Week of Inspirational Math:
Excellent task and activities that promote the beauty and wonder in math! 



Practice math fact fluency



Practice math fact fluency



Prodigy Math is a fantasy-based web and app game that covers skills learned in grades one through eight


Greg Tang Math

(added March 30th)  NEW

Challenges and Virtual Resources






The Kid Should See This (K-12)
A collection of kid-friendly videos that are a smarter and more meaningful way to learn science 


Science Snacks (K-12)
Fresh, exciting science activities based in amazing phenomena 


The Wonder of Science (K-12)
Phenomena, videos, and resources for science 


Mystery Doug
FREE science lessons with videos and handouts 


PhET Simulations (K-12)
Free online simulations for science and math 


CK-12 Exploration (K-12) 
Free physics and chemistry simulations 


Study Jams (Math and Science—K-8)
A place to learn, review, and practice science and math topics with videos, slideshows, and songs 


Fun Science Experiments

Eight Awesomely simple science experiments you can do at home



Social Studies



Journal or make video diaries and save newspapers, magazines, etc and some of the work you did at home for us to bury an MSE time capsule when we return.  These will serve as primary sources for the future to examine and analyze.


Gallopade Online (accessed through Clever)


NatGeo Kids

Amazing facts about animals, science, history, and geography along with fun competitions and games


History for Kids



Cross Curricular


How it's Made for Kids

(parents, please review before allowing your child to watch, just in case) (added March 30- NEW)


Virtual Field Trips

Explore the Planetarium, Yellowstone National Park, etc!  (added March 30- NEW)

K-12 interactive lessons for learning all math concepts

Suggested Schedule


Explore the Zoo and Aquarium

Explore the Zoo or Aquarium


Music Activities

This website has a ton of music games and ideas



Username: Mcfaddenschool  Password: brainpop



Click here for the Quick Guide to Using Moby from Home.


Study Island (Grades 3-5)

All subjects- accessed through Clever



STEM Activities and Crafts


Captain Planet Foundation

Filter by grade band, topic, and type of activity



Engage all learners with a hip-hop video covering the lesson


Science Websites

40 Science Websites to keep kids engaged and entertained at home

Study Packets and Games


Learn a Foreign Language!

Download the app Duolingo


Tennessee State Museum

(added April 3-NEW)



Read-alouds by McFadden Teachers

(this list will grow, so stay tuned!)



Linebaugh Library


A message from Mrs. Frazier- 

If one already has a library card, they simply go to the home page and use that card to access online materials. If someone doesn’t have a card, it is super easy to apply online for an e-card. (There’s a catch. You must remember your number to have the ability to gain access.). 
Here is a direct link:
Libby and Overdrive are the 2 apps that can be downloaded for use on electronic devices.




McFadden Physical Education Resources

Jenifer Burns

Twitter: @McFadden_PE

Please tweet me pictures or videos of your Fit Family!


Concepts of Focus:

  1. I can show balance and coordination while remaining physically active at home.
  2. I can control my body while performing and creating dance moves.
  3. I can throw and catch in self space.
  4. I can transfer weight from one body part to another.


Endurance Jump Rope Challenge

  1. “I can jump. I can hop. How many jumps before I stop? 1, 2, 3, 4…”
  2. While jumping rope for one minute, how many fruits can you name?
  3. Set a record: how long can you jump rope consistently without stopping? Ask a sibling or parent to time you.


Dance Party Ideas

  1. Pop See Ko (can find music on Spotify or YouTube)
  2. Create a line dance with your family. Each of you will need to create movements to an eight count. Come back together and take turns teaching each other your moves. Combine all eight counts and dance it out!


Locomotors & Movement Ideas with Sock Balls

You will need to tie your sock into a knot to create a ball.


  1. Clap 1 time before sock ball hits floor. Add a clap each time you are successful at catching.
  2. Toss with right hand only and catch with right hand only.
  3. Toss with left hand only and catch with left hand only.
  4. Toss with right hand and catch with left.
  5. Toss with left hand and catch with right.
  6. Toss and turn 360 degrees before the sock ball hits the floor.
  7. Start with sock ball on your foot. Flip it into the air and try to successfully catch it.
  8. Using two sock balls, try to juggle. Once successful, add another.


One Minute Fitness Challenges

  1. How many push ups can you complete in one minute? Track your progress!
  2. How many sit ups can you complete in one minute? Track your progress.
  3. How many times can you toss & catch a sock ball or other form of sports equipment with a family member in one minute? Track your progress.


Outdoor Activities

  1. Ride your bike.
  2. Challenge a family member to a game of HORSE or PIG just like I use to play with my Dad.
  3. Chalk your walk (go on a neighborhood walk and write inspirational messages for your neighbor’s to see. Create hopscotch or different pathways for other children to play on their walk.
  4. Four Square.
  5. Couch to 5K.
  6. Skate night in your garage! Play some classics from the skate center on a Bluetooth speaker!
  7. Relay races- I know you all are competitive! Challenge every one in your family. Who is the fastest skipper, galloper, crab walker, etc.?
  8. Help mow your lawn or your grandparents’ lawn. You can still keep social distancing while taking care of your people.
  9. Practice your favorite sport and take pride in it. “I need to improve my free throw percentage in basketball.” “I want to be able to improve my pitching speed in baseball.”
  10. Create your own game. Teach your family and try it out. Don’t forget to reflect!


Other Activities

Grades K-2 –

  • Go on a ‘Shape Hunt’ inside your home! Ask your child to identify as many shapes as possible in common household objects.
  • Cover a tray or cookie sheet with flour or whipped cream. Have your child use their index finger to practice writing letters!
  • Have your child write about a movie or tv show they have watched.  Encourage them to include one sentence about the beginning, the middle, and the end of it!
  • Collect a few household items, such as a pillow, pencil, magazine, etc.   Encourage your child to measure the objects using paper clips!


Grades  3-5 –

  • Encourage your child to create a daily schedule!  Provide simple rewards if they follow it.
  • Have your child write a description of someone living in your house without stating his or her name.  At the next family meal, have your child read his or her description aloud to see whether everyone else can guess the identity of the person!
  • While watching the weather on your local news, encourage your child to make a graph of the different temperatures over a few days.  Have them analyze the changes!
  • Press the mute button on your tv and turn on the closed captioning.  Have your child read the dialogue of his or her favorite show!