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Hello Friends! :)
It is SO wonderful to see so many of you back here at school! I love seeing your sweet faces - even with the mask on, I can see your beautiful, smiling eyes. :) I also love seeing my distance learner friends on Zoom and I look forward to the day when we can all be together again.
Please know that this year is going to be GREAT, even with all the changes. We all LOVE our Mustang family and will make sure it's a wonderful year. Parents and students, know that we will work together and face each challenge as it comes along. Each day, we will do the best that we can and with patience, flexibility and grace we will ALL get through this TOGETHER! :)
Our word of the month for May is Commitment - Making a plan and putting it into practice
Below is a link to a family newsletter. Use this to connect as a family about how you can discuss and display the trait of commitment this month!
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Fundraiser - "Hero Squad"
Thank you SO very much for your support of our LLS fundraiser. We are THRILLED that we raised over $11,000 for this wonderful cause! We are so very proud and grateful!
I have passed out all prizes but have some donors who I could not connect with a child. If your child did not get the prize he/she was expecting, please have them see me. Thank you again for your kind and generous hearts!
The Energy Bus for Kids
We meet once a month for our Energy Bus program. It is based off the book, "The Energy Bus for Kids" by Jon Gordon. Below is a link to me reading the book. New students to MSE - please watch this at your leisure so that you know what we mean when we say, "It's Energy Bus time!" Parents, you are welcome to watch as well so you can discuss it with your child! :)
Lesson for Rule #1 - Create a Positive Vision
Below is a link to a lesson that we did for our first Energy Bus video. Distance learners, feel free to listen to Mrs. Puffer's lesson and discuss with your family what your school and home goals are this year!
The School Counseling Program at MSE
I created a video so that new students and parents can learn a little bit more about the Guidance program at McFadden and can have the opportunity to see my classroom. Feel free to take some time to watch and parents please let me know if you have any questions or if I an assist you or your family with anything at all.