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Gale in Context - Elementary

Gale in Context This is designed for beginner researchers in grades K-5.
  This resource for grades K-5 is beneficial for parents, teachers, and students.  Most of the resources available for elementary students in the Tennessee Electronic Library is available here.
Linebaugh Library
This is a direct link to the Linebaugh Public Library.  By using this link, one has the ability to get a library card and assess all of the databases that available here.  If you apply for a library card, one gains complete access.
World Book Data Base
  World Book database allows the student to use all options from World Book.  This service is provided through the Tennessee Electronic Library.
Tennessee Electronic Library
The Tennessee Electronic Libraryis an amazing resource for individuals of all ages.  Content is compartmentalized into age appropriate sections.

The Tennessean in the Past

From 1812-2002, 190 years of The Nashville Tennessean can be read by clicking on this icon.  This paper which has had several different names will also display primary sources. 
The Tennessean - Current
Full articles of the Nashville Tennessean from 2002 until present are found at this site. 
Who's Reading
Who's Reading focuses on reading comprehension and writing skills.  After reading books, students are asked to answer open-ended questions.