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Primary Sources

TN State and Library Archives Education Outreach
Students are encouraged to explore primary sources here.  One can visit the archives in person in Nashville.  Teachers have the ability to reserve DocsBox for a two-week period.  Round trip shipping is $25.  If you are interested in a DocBox, check out this link:  Workshops are also available.  Contact information: http://[email protected]
MTSU Primary Sources
MTSU offers primary sources for students in grades K-12.  Lesson plans and upcoming workshops are also available for teachers.
Library of Congress
The Library of Congress offers primary sources.  The content is designed to help educators meet common core and curriculum standards.
Digital Public Library of America
  The Digital Public Library of America provides amazing primary resources.  There is a drop down box at the top of the page where primary source can be searched by subject and time period.  Teachers have access to teaching guides.
National Archives
The National Archives educator resources contain videos, podcasts, and eBooks.  There is even a National Archives YouTube channel.  This content would be best for older learners.
RUSA information about Primary Sources
  By going to the RUSA primary sources web page, awareness of best sources available on-line occurs.  There is a list of books and several web pages that have been approved.  Detailed information defining and explaining  primary sources is also present.  The information found here is it up-to-date with current events.
National Women's History Museum
This icon will take you to to the National Women's History Museum.  Primary sources are included with several entries.  This website was designed in an effort to better understand a woman's role in history.
Smithsonian's History Explorer
The Smithsonian has primary sources that can be viewed as well as artifacts and websites.  This is a fabulous resource for teachers.  Students can find recommended books on this page as well.
Primary Sources for Yale 
Primary Sources at Yale can be found by using this link.  These sources represent history, artifacts, and original records.