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Library Book Coding

Library Book Coding
Books are coded in 2 ways-
1- AR or reading level.  A colored sticker is placed on the bottom of the spine.  The first two levels (pink and green) have been pulled for convenience for Kindergarten students.
2- Interest or content level.  Interest or content level is based on a book's themes and ideas.  
     LG- Lower Grade Level- Recommended for grades K-2
     MG- Middle Grade Level- Recommended for grades 3-8 These books have more advanced themes and may include violence, death, reproduction and adult relationships.
Please keep this in mind.  Many of our students are advanced readers.  Our non-fiction books may be utilized to challenge students.  Just because a child can read the words does not make the content appropriate.  
Example- Some versions of The Scarlet Letter  are written on a 4.0 reading level but have an adult content.
 As a parent, It is your responsibility to use your best judgement when guiding your children.  If you feel your child is ready to move to MG books, please print, sign and send the attached form to the library.