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Government Information

TN History for Students
Students can learn about the history, civics, and geography of Tennessee.
TN State Symbols
Through this site, students can learn all the state symbols of Tennessee.
TN 4 Me

This resource provides a complete timeline of Tennessee's history.

This is a kids' portal to the US government.  Federal Kid sites are linked into the content of this web page.  It is appropriate for elementary and middle school students.
Ben Franklin's Guide to Government
This site is designed to inform parents, teachers, and students about the federal government.  Activities are divided into different age groups.  Games are also available.  
NASA offers an amazing site for both teachers and students.  By clicking on the icon, a student will go to their home page.  Click on the words educators page to utilize educational resources.
Tennessee Blue Book
By clicking the Tennessee Blue Book icon, one has access to the history of Tennessee.  Students in fourth and fifth grades will benefit most from this site.  This is a direct link to the Student Blue Book:  By using this link, definitions and primary sources which align with state curriculum is available.
Volunteer Voices
Tennessee history is revealed through primary sources here.  These primary sources are arranged by subject matter in an effort to help with in-depth content study.